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The New Case For Gold

Investing in gold is something that has been becoming increasingly popular and talked about in recent times. This is an understandable reaction to what has been a very trying economic period, as well as what is certainly a very uncertain future.

But it’s not just reactionary. There is a very real argument for investing in gold and this is the argument that author James Rickards puts forward expertly in his book The New Case for Gold. Rickards is also the mind behind Currency Wars and The Death of Money and in this book he once again makes a compelling and entertaining case, while also sharing a lot of very useful tips and advice.

The Author

James Rickards is author of the New York Times bestselling The Death of Money and Editor of the newsletter Strategic Intelligence. He is a member of the advisory board of the Physical Gold Fund too and an advisor on international economics and financial threats for the Department of Defence.

James Rickards Posing

In short, he’s a very intelligent authority on the subject and someone who knows a thing or two about investing in gold – you should listen to this man.

The Book

Once again, Rickards has put together a fantastic book that is not only interesting but also highly entertaining and very useful. Rickards has a writing style that is engaging without being over-the-top and that makes complex financial issues simply to understand. The book is packed with gold nuggets (excuse the pun) and every page has some useful tip or piece of information – as opposed to being fluffed out with padding.

James Rickards Book

If you’re interested in learning about economics and have no grounding in the subject, then any of Rickards work will offer an excellent starting point. This makes the information all the more actionable and useful and it also makes the argument all the more compelling.

At the same time though, the author is very unbiased and acknowledges at every point that he may be wrong. This is his opinions – albeit a highly educated and very interesting opinion.

Anyone thinking of investing in gold would be well served by reading this book. Anyone not interested in the same would also do well, as it might just change your mind!


Once again, The New Case for Gold does incredibly well on Amazon in the reviews section. Readers enjoy the writing style and the information within and one reviewer said it was ‘worth its weight in gold’.

Sorting Gold Bars in Gloves

In general, the reviews praised the book for demonstrating a good depth of knowledge but tackling it in a way that both beginners and experts could understand and appreciate.


This is an interesting read for anyone who has even a passing interest in economics. However, if you’re thinking of investing in gold – or if you’re currently against the idea – then it is an even more sensible read!

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