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The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System

The Death of Money is a book from writer James Rickards that discusses the potential of a future financial crisis like nothing that we have ever seen before. It does this, drawing on historical and economic evidence, demonstrating why a new economic collapse is on the horizon and why it could be serious enough to threaten the very ‘institution of money’.



The New Case For Gold

Investing in gold is something that has been becoming increasingly popular and talked about in recent times. This is an understandable reaction to what has been a very trying economic period, as well as what is certainly a very uncertain future.


Rich Dad’s Advisors: Guide to Investing in Gold And Silver: Protect Your Financial Future

If you ask me, any book that has not one but two colons in its title is off to a bad start. Fortunately, it’s what’s inside that counts and this particular text more than makes up for any shortcomings in that department.This book is essentially a guide to investing in gold and silver (as the overlong title would suggest), written in such a manner that anyone can understand it without needing a degree in economics. Of course the book makes a very strong case for investing in gold and lays out a few arguments so deftly, that they are incredibly hard to deny..




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Why Gold IRAs Might be the Best Way to Protect Yourself Financially Into Old Age

Gold IRAs and 401k gold investing very well might be the best choice for you and your family when it comes to protecting your cash and saving it for a rainy day. Few investments are more secure than gold and with interest rates being a shadow of what they once were, this is becoming an […]

Gold Bars on Pile

Your Complete Guide to Investing in Gold: How to Make Lots of Money

When you think of wealth, how do you picture it? If you grew up watching shows like Duck Tales or Richie Rich, then it might involve large piles of gold bullion. Gold is still, well, the gold standard and is ultimately what our paper notes and copper coins represent. If you have money, it means […]

Gold Nugget Next to Two Gold Bars

Top Tips for Investing in Physical Gold – Get Your Investment Right

Investing in gold might not be particularly sexy but it is a good idea nonetheless. Many investors won’t be interested in gold because it is not on the face of it particularly exciting. It is low risk and low yield and you’re unlikely to really make much money back on this investment – so why do […]